Last time we looked at the exterior of the shed and all those rotten walls and flooring. This time we’ll be looking at the inside and what transformation has taken place, bringing it up to a better state of repair.


The inside story

With the majority of the outside now done, I’ve left the front section for now as it was still sound, and I’m looking to add a decking at some point along the road, it was time to tackle the interior.

At the time of planning consent, we were given permission to run electrics and sewage/water to the shed. This was connected back to the main house, so the small extension at the side was to be turned into a toilet facility, and a water tank to be installed in the roof section. These would be the first places to start tackling.


Spending a penny

First off is the toilet. This, if you can remember, had the roof lifting off and vegetation from the outside gradually creeping in. Now with new boards and felt on the roof the inside was dry and sound. I installed a new set of pipes running up into the overhang attic section for the water tank and added a stop valve so I don’t need to run back to the house in order to turn off the water.

Added 3″ polystyrene in the wall sections as the framing was 4×2 and sound proofing into the roof voids. This was then foil insulated with the walls clad in 18mm hardwood plywood and tongue and groove added to the ceiling.

Ran electrics for a water heater so we can have hot and cold taps and installed a light in the ceiling. This looked totally amazing compare to what I started with. What do you think?

Ah, no, the walls aren’t warped, think it’s my phone that is. The wall corners don’t have that designer slope towards the bottom.

I’ve left the window, but now have a functioning toilet. I’ve got some reclaimed oak flooring which I’ll install at a later date and of course the sink needs installed and plumbed in. Need to get that door frame and door hung as well. Next up will be to tackle the overhang attic section.


Off to the USA (UpStairs Attic)

This will be a general storage area and home for the small water tank, that’ll feed the toilet and hot and cold taps on the sink. It’s quite a large space and decided to use tongue and groove flooring. Again 3″ polystyrene sheets cut to fit in the framing and roofing voids, with 18mm plywood on the walls and 15mm plywood for the ceiling. Having no windows it really needed a light in order to see anything up there and finished off with a good lick of paint.

I’ve a number of lighting points installed up there in order to connect up for outside lights when the time comes. It allows easy access if I need to make changes in the future.

Next time it will be the main shed/workshop area to be given a makeover.

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